Hire skilled digital talent that delivers.

talentteam is a staff augmentation company. We provide solutions for those who run into local talent deficits. Here you find your cross-functional team passionate about IT and digital innovation to handle the roadmap of your product development.



Broad and deep talent pool. Thousands of IT specialists in Ukraine with diverse skills such as FrontEnd, BackEnd, Design, Administrative, Support, etc


Fast on-boarding. Get your pre-screened candidates recommendations in less than a week. Get your digital talent in 3-4 weeks timeframe.


Augment your talent base. Working with our business model allows your company to be Flexible in the scalability of your dedicated digital talent team


Cultural & geographical proximity. Candidates from Eastern Europe are easy to communicate with because we share very similar cultural values.


Having difficulties staffing IT specialists in Germany, Switzerland, Austria? Can’t close your software engineering vacancies with local applicants. Get things done with high-performance web/app developers. Would it be a senior-level engineer or junior, self-determined or a team-player – You’ll get matched with candidates based on your company and project needs to ensure long term cooperation and success. Simply start from one – find talent.

web mobile development
Web/Mobile Development.
software development
Software Development.
web design
Web Design / Creative.
Administrative / Management.
data scientists
Data science / Big data.
digital transformation
Digital Transformation.



Define your perfect candidate.

It all starts with a conversation: your business requirements, team structure, and job description for the position.

Interview & Hire talent.

Within 1 week you'll receive a list of pre-screened and pre-tested candidates ready for the interview. Choose test tasks, request portfolio examples or even meet in person at our Ukraine office or bring them over to your headquarters.

Onboarding & Working.

Individuals that pass are fully taken care of. talentteam handles payroll, taxes, social security, vacations, sick days, computer equipment, social events and other office or administrative functions, ensuring full flexibility for your project.

Get in touch.

Our vision is to find the best digital talent (software development, design, online marketing, etc.) without having to deal with the complexity of employment for your company.

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It’s a service where the vendor expands the Client’s team with skilled staff from abroad. The Client has to organize the management of his augmented employees or additionally hire a team leader or a project manager to set up the reporting/meetings and workflow for the team. The developers, designers, testers, managers are hired based on their job duties and experience. Using IT staff augmentation helps companies, entrepreneurs with an abundance of IT resources in their home countries while simplifying the employment process.

Sure, send us the job description and requirements for the individual that you’re looking for and we will start the sourcing process.

Yes, you can. In fact, we recommend our clients to come on over and visit their employees in person, see the working environment and develop great business relationships.

Recruitment comes free of charge. You don’t pay anything until talentteam finds a specialist that meets your job requirements. Afterward, it’s a fixed monthly fee on top of your remote specialists’ salary.

Normally it’s around 3 weeks depending on the seniority level and technology stack expertise. On rare occasions, it could take more than a month.

Usually, It’s for 1 year. However, you decide the contract duration. 

talentteam provides you with a selection of pre-screened candidates. Conduct as many interview rounds as needed, including soft skills, technical interviews, code review, and test tasks. To make sure you hire a perfect fit.

We create comfortable working conditions according to the best employee retention practices. We cover all the needs of your digital staff to help them stay healthy, happy and productive (gym membership, health insurance, team building meetups, skill-sharing and more).

In those rare cases, when you feel that something isn’t right, let us know as fast as possible. We’ll set up a mediation process to resolve the issue (1-month notice – replacement etc.)

Mediation process / 1 month notice – replacement etc.

There is no cancelations fee. Just let us know one month prior. 

Absolutely. talentteam will help your digital talent to get a visa, organize their business trip, or even set everything up for a full relocation.

By working with talentteam, you get:

  • your personal office space in Lviv Ukraine without the need to pay for it.
  • Free recruitment services to find the best matching employes for your company.
  • Less headache because TalentTeam deals with all legal procedures.
  • Flexible employee relationships. Easy way to scale up or down according to your company’s needs.

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