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The company was founded by Dr. Boris Bauke. At talentteam we support enterprises in recruiting, hiring remote digital talent in Ukraine (developers, UI UX designers, software testers and other professionals). Our staff augmentation services on a month to month basis for customers with a long-term perspective for talent. Our headquarters are located in Munich, Germany, while the development center is in Lviv, Ukraine.

We focus our primary research and development capabilities on Ukraine. The country has established high mathematical and IT education and, as a result, an abundance of highly-qualified IT experts. Moreover, Ukraine offers easy conditions for doing business.

Understanding how hard it could be to find local skilled professionals in certain technology domains, talentteam opens to you a deep pool of experienced talent from Eastern Europe. We prefer working within the Staff Augmentation cooperation model – the flexibility of it gives you full control of your augmented employees, transparency in recruitment and hiring process. At the same time, we handle all legal, rental, equipment, employee retention, payrolls, taxes and other matters.

The agile nature of our company gives you a comfortable and predictable way to grow your business and scale up, change or cut back your staff resources. Direct access to IT expertise enables our clients to produce advanced web/software products with resolving the issue of local talent shortage. Besides, IT experts feel more comfortable operating in an international team and being directly involved in the process with our clients.

Here you can move things forward in your mobile & web development, software development and testing, digital transformation, web design & creative, data science & big data, administrative and management. Our domains of expertise are healthcare, education, banking, logistics, travel. We are oriented to solve IT challenges of enterprise companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, who have an interest in staff augmentation services.

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Our vision is to find the best digital talent (software development, design, online marketing, etc.) without having to deal with the complexity of employment for your company.

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